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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Wait a minute. Another social network ??!?

No! No likes, shares, lives, boosters or promoted anythings. Just promises between you and your circle.

2.  Is a picture and voice recording required? 

The voice recording is required, as this is your "signature." Profile pictures are optional but recommended to give your promises a personal touch.

3.  Can I send promises to anyone? 

Yes. as long as you have their email address.

4.  Does it cost to send and accept promises? 

Yes. Sending or accepting a promise cost as little as 10¢.** 

5. What if I send a promise and it doesn't get accepted ?

If a promise you send is ignored or expires without an answer, your promise balance will be increased.

6. Do both sender and receiver pay for promises ?

Yes. by both parties using a promise, each is committing to follow through on the agreement.*

7. What is the "initial reminder" ? 

The initial reminder is when you expect the promise to be fulfilled, a single reminder will be sent to both parties on that date.

8. What is the "repeating reminder" ?

Repeating reminders can be set for daily, monthly, or weekly intervals. If set,  a reminder with that frequency starting at the initial reminder. When you wish to stop the repeating reminders, simply swipe to delete the promise from the main menu

*Yoko Ono said that.

** Promises are non-refundable, and for entertainment purposes only.