What can you achieve with the "You Promised" App?

Dream Alone and it's a dream, Dream together and it's a reality

Global Promises.

Ready to make a promise to yourself and the world? Make the global promise and others will back you, then share encouragement messages with each other.


Back another's promise and earn promise credits of your own, to make your own future affirmations.

Start personal, go global. Here's how: 4 quick steps


When the promise starts...

The promise maker sets the goal and how long to completion. Tap the globe, then "Save and Send" and it's out to the world.

Anyone can back the promise, before the expiration.

Anyone connected to the promise can send "encourage" messages to each other. Only those in the group will receive them.


When the promise ends...

 The sender will answer if  they've kept the promise. (Promise makers have 4 hours after the promise expires to open the app and answer).

Every successful promise backed earns  a promise-credit of your own. (Your account will be credited 3 promise-credits for every 3 successfully backed promises.)

private promises

To Yourself

Feeling a little private? Tap the second icon to save the promise just for yourself.

To a Friend

Tap the third icon to send the promise only to a close, trusted friend. 


Preferred Promisers

Coaches, Trainers and Mentors...

With a preferred promiser account, you can send global promises and have them labelled with your name and picture to stand out.  Maybe you'd like to reach out to new potential students, or maybe you'd like students of yours to connect with each other, across the room, or across the globe. 

Send us a message to learn more about becoming a preferred promiser. 


Display Your Promising Style Proudly.

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Wait a minute.... is this another social network ??!?

No! No likes, shares, lives, boosters or promoted anythings. Just promises between you and whomever you decide (the world, a close friend, or yourself)

2.  Does it cost anything?

Every action (making a promise, backing a promise) requires 1 promise-credit. New users receive 5 free credits, and more promise-credits can be purchased for as little as 10¢ each. 

3.  Ok, but... why!?! 

By making or backing promises, you are committing towards that goal, either for them, you, or both. The minimal cost ensures that only people who are really committed join the group, and can send encourage messages to each other. Also, backers can earn promise credits when their backed promises are successful.

4.  Ok. How does earning promise-credits work? 

Every promise you've backed that is successful (as marked by the promise maker) earns you one credit, and they are deposited into your account in groups of 3.

5. I've sent a promise to the world - how do I mark it successful ?

You must log into the app within 4 hours of the initial reminder, you'll receive a question box that will let you answer yes/no to keeping the promise.

6. Alright, I got that, what is it the "initial reminder" ? 

The initial reminder is when you expect the promise to be fulfilled, a single reminder will be sent on that date and time. For promises that don't repeat, it's the only reminder.

7. Great, so... what is the "repeating reminder" ?

Repeating reminders can be set for daily, monthly, or weekly intervals. When you wish to stop the repeating reminders, simply swipe to delete the promise from the main menu

8. And... lastly, err, what's stopping people from lying and saying they completed their promises ?

Absolutely nothing! If "hacking" the app is more useful to you than making due on your promises, by all means!