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What's 5 + 1?... and other questions.


1.  What's 5 + 1? 

For every 5 successful promises you back, you earn one extra credit.

2.  Another social network?!?

No! No likes, shares, lives, boosters or promoted anythings. Just promises between you and whomever you decide (the world, a close friend, or yourself). 

3.  Ok, but... why the credits at all!?! 

By using a credit to make or back a promise, you are committing towards achieving your goal, or helping someone else achieve their goal. The credit makes sure that only people who are really committed can join and can send encourage messages to each other. 

4.  How do I mark a promise successful?

Just log into the app within 4 hours of the second reminder, you'll receive a question box that will let you answer yes/no to keeping the promise.

5. And... lastly, err, what's stopping people from lying and saying they completed their promises ?

Absolutely nothing! If "hacking" the app is more useful to you than making due on your promises, by all means!